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NEP Drives Significant Cost Savings on Fabrications

Leading Forestry Equipment Manufacturer

NEP was tasked with fabricating a high-liability part that had previously taken 40 man-hours of welding and 30 hours of drilling for the OEM partner to produce. Our fabrication solution greatly reduced man-hours, making production of the part significantly more cost-effective.

NEP Improves Casting Design and Product Performance

F500 Agricultural Equipment Manufacturer

The company was seeking a solution for a tillage (ground engagement) machine that required many hours of weld repair when parts became worn-out. This forced farmers to take the equipment out of service and send it back to the manufacturer for repairs. NEP analyzed the faulty part and worked with the client’s design team to develop an alternative: bolting 108 castings to the tillage drum, which allowed farmers to simply unbolt worn parts and replace them in the field.

NEP Delivers on Time, No Matter How Short the Turnaround

Lift Truck Manufacturer

After engaging NEP to produce a line of weldments for lift truck masts, the buyer from the company called in a panic about one he had forgotten to transfer over. He asked to quickly add it to the scope in order to meet their build schedule. Over a two-week period, NEP produced the castings and machined them, built welding fixtures and welded the product in order to submit all parts for a PPAP. NEP then delivered the parts via expedited air freight, which allowed the customer to build and sell their product on time.

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